Ensuring Effective Display of Your Kid's Sporting Trophies in Their Rooms

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Ensuring Effective Display of Your Kid's Sporting Trophies in Their Rooms

1 March 2016
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Trophies (such as those from Scotia Engraving) are an excellent way to showcase the achievements of your kids in sports. As they continue participating in different sporting activities, they attain various levels of excellence, which means the collection of the trophies will become extensive with time. If you don't manage the trophies well, their rooms will start appearing cluttered and may not create an excellent touch that's reflective of their performance, especially when they are disorganised throughout the room. For this reason, transform your kid's room into an aesthetic masterpiece of trophy displays with these tips.  

Create a Trophy Case Effect with Alternative Recycled Materials

The space in your kid's room may not be enough for a trophy case. For this reason, use alternatives that will create a similar effect. To do this, you can recycle an abandoned piece of furniture or item, such as a curio cabinet that you can use as a trophy case. The trophy case material you use should complement with the functional décor of the room and you can achieve this by simply painting it to fit the theme of the room. Mirrors behind the shelves are an excellent way to reflect light to the trophies, creating a sparkling flair.

Increase the Functionality of Your Wall

If the trophies are increasing considerably with time, maximise your wall space by adding floating shelves above the beds if possible. This will give you extra space for the trophies while allowing you to add features to the room, which can enhance its look as well. When displaying the trophies along these wall-mounted shelf units, smaller trophies can be an excellent way to create a border around your child's room. You can also use the shelve units for hanging medals by fastening hooks below them.

Arrange the Trophies by Activity, Height, and the Time They Were Earned

Arranging the trophies by activity will create a personalised and distinctive effect. You can consider arranging them in vignettes to represent the specific activities. Having the trophies arranged according to when they were earned helps tell a story that can assist your child to reflect on their achievements and improvements, motivating them to go for more. Make sure that the most recent trophies are displayed in front. Arranging by height will allow all the trophies to be viewed easily across the room. Therefore, have the tallest trophies at the back so that the shorter ones are not blocked.

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