What You Should Tell Custom Framers

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What You Should Tell Custom Framers

23 August 2017
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It is important to know what information your chosen custom framer will require in order to deliver results that will meet your expectations. This article discusses some of the important things that you should reveal to the custom framer when you take your artwork for framing.

Turnaround Requirements

Decide how urgently you need the framed artwork or photos to be delivered to you. This information will help the custom framer to schedule that assignment accordingly so that you receive it at the right time. For instance, it is helpful for you to tell the professional framer that you need that artwork for an upcoming family event so that he or she does everything possible to finish the work by that time.

Your Stylistic Preferences

Describe the colour of your walls, the dominant furniture used, the flooring and your preferred aesthetics. This information will help the custom framer to get an idea about who you are and what you want. He or she can then make suggestions about the different aspects of the framing project that can deliver a satisfactory outcome. For instance, the framer may suggest that you opt for gold-leaf framing in case the artwork is expected to fit into the 17th century theme of your décor. 

The Display Location

Another area that you should discuss with the custom framer is the display location. The location will influence many of the choices that the framer will recommend to you. For instance, the custom framer may suggest that the artwork should be sealed before it is framed in order to protect it from being damaged by humidity and moisture in the basement where you plan to display it. UV light protection may also be vital in case the artwork will receive direct sunlight when it is displayed. 

Installation Challenges

The custom framer will also be interested in knowing any specific challenges that may be encountered as the artwork is installed in the desired location. For example, marble and brick walls may offer unique installation challenges due to the difficulty of driving installation hardware into those substances. Knowing those challenges will help the framer to design a framing technique that will address some of those difficulties.

While it is good to know what you want, it is also advisable for you to remain open-minded enough so that you can conduct an objective evaluation of the suggestions that are offered by the custom framer. This is because the framer is in a better position to make recommendations that will show off your artwork beautifully without putting its long-term safety and integrity at risk.

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